Electos and the new DataFlex WebApp Sever licensing policy

Updated on 2015Jul21
by admin

We appreciate that the new licensing model introduced with the 17.1 release of Visual DataFlex, has raised some questions as to how the licensing affects your individual requirements.

In particular, the licensing for existing Electos users has caused the most head scratching, because Electos as a product uses a minimum of 3 DataFlex WebApp Server licences - one for the Site Manager, one for the Studio and a third for a website.

We have a page on our website explaining the licensing for existing Electos users, see
Electos websites and 17.1 DataFlex WebApp Server Licensing.

However, if you need further clarification about how the licensing changes will specifically affect the way you use Electos, please email us at rsvp@unicorninterglobal.com or phone 0118 988 8709.