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EDUC 2018 DataFlex to New Heights
Updated on 2018Mrt21
Dates: 24th - 25th May 2018 Location: Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinbugh, Scotland EDUC 2018 is all set for Edinburgh in May 2018.  Find out more about DataFlex 2017/19, with it’s framework additions for mobile, web and Windows applications, enhancements for working with SQL databases and numerous...
DISD 2018 presentations available
The DataFlex International Software Developers (DISD) conference, 2018, took place the 8th and 9th March in Dallas, Texas, USA. For those of us who were unable to travel to the States, the organisers have very kindly made the presentations from the conference publicly available on the DISD website. ...
Things to see and do in Edinburgh - EDUC 2018
Updated on 2018Feb15
There is a great deal to see in Edinburgh, so if you have limited time available you will need to make choices. To help with that I will break down some of Edinburgh’s many attractions into categories. First some geographical orientation (click map for full size version):  The heart of...
EDUC 2018 in Edinburgh - getting to the venue
Updated on 2018Mrt21
For those travelling to EDUC 2018 in Edinburgh, I personally would recommend getting a taxi from either the airport or the railway station to the Radisson Blu hotel, especially if you are carrying a considerable amount of luggage, but I am well known for being a tad lazy, so if you wish to take a less...
New article and demo for RESTful APIS
Mike Peat is an advocate of RESTful APIs and to help explain the main benefits and advantages of why you should consider creating RESTful APIs for your business applications Mike Peat has recently written Why you should be creating RESTful APIs today. This article follows on from  How...
Hello, Farewell
Updated on 2017Nov29
The independent DataFlex wiki site has been a useful source of information for DataFlex developers over the years (see the original post on the Data Access forums). More recently, the site hasn’t received much love, either in terms of articles and information from the DataFlex...
DataFlex 4 WordPress beta version for DataFlex v19
Updated on 2017Nov29
Mike Peat has released a beta version of the DataFlex 4 WordPress plugin for use with  DataFlex v19.0. In addition to changes required to work with DataFlex 2017, this new version of DF4WP provides two new pipe-separated settings for applying custom CSS and JavaScript: customjs...
DataFlex Reports 2017 / 6.1 is released
Data Access Europe has released DataFlex Reports 2017 / 6.1. This is a maintenance release incorporating a number of bug fixes and some additional new features. New features in DataFlex Reports 2017 / 6.1 The new features are listed below. For details about fixed bugs, please refer to the DataFlex...
DataFlex 2017 / 19.0 is Released
Updated on 2017Sep06
Data Access Worldwide has announced the release of DataFlex 2017 / 19.0 - the latest version of it’s Web and Windows application development tool. What’s new in DataFlex 2017 / 19.0? DataFlex 2017 includes many new features and improvements that make developing Windows, web and mobile...
Actian PSQL database now known as Actian Zen
The newest version of PSQL, is now known as the Actian Zen Embedded database. Actian Zen Embedded database is the same zero-dba, embeddable, nano footprint, rock-solid reliable database with which you’re familiar, but now with a new name. Actian Zen v13 is available immediately for trial download...