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Visual DataFlex 2010/16.0 Released for Alpha Testing

Visual DataFlex 2010/16.0 has been released for Alpha testing.

For this release, the development focus has been on incorporating the new grid functionality, to improve both the appearance and performance of grids for developers. See John Tuohy’s grid presentation (PDF) to learn more.

If you are not yet participating in the Alpha testing program, but would like to do so, you can download the Alpha build and notes.

Webinar - Visual DataFlex 2010/16.0 - Grid Orientation

Supporting the Alpha Testing phase of Visual DataFlex 2010/16.0 is John Tuohy’s Grid Orientation webinar, which you can download (or play) from the Webinar Library. Before watching the webinar, you may first want to download the Alpha build and try out the new grid control yourself.

Although the title of this webinar may not sound very enticing, it is well worth watching and highly informative, giving the background for the new grid control and previewing the features and functionality that it will deliver in the production release of VDF 16.0. Be warned, the first five minutes (and 25 seconds!) of the webinar are taken up with getting things running smoothly, so you can either skip that bit, or quickly go and make a coffee.

The first half of the webinar illustrates how to create a simple data entry grid, with couple of columns, and demonstrates the basic mechanics of:

During the first half of the webinar John answers a range of questions including those about the speed of the grid control, sorting columns and how the new grid control compares with the old style grids.

The second half of the webinar looks at sample grids for editing data in a grid. There are three distinct ways in which editing can be implemented and a sample is demonstrated for each of them, popup editing, inline editing and the third ’alternate mode’. Again, John goes into detail about the level to which you can edit and control the appearance of individual cells, answering questions about the edit modes and touching on the extensive, behind the scenes processing power allowing you to implement validation of values and default values for new rows.

Finally, John explains that the aim is to provide the best grid control possible, while ensuring that it fits neatly into the existing product. Much consideration has been given to balancing compatibility with the old style grids with moving forward and embracing new approaches and ideas. Anyone with ideas and input for this functionality is encouraged to join the Alpha testing phase.

Get Ahead With Improved Business Intelligence

Industry leaders such as Microsoft and Oracle are citing Business Intelligence (BI) tools as the ’must have’ technology for beating the recession. Traditionally, large organisations have made use of BI tools to improve their return on investment, yet today it is easier than ever for small to medium organisations to harness the power of business intelligence.

Sales of BI tools have grown over the last year, going against the general downturn trend, as businesses hope that the results of their BI projects will lead to a clearer view of where costs can be cut and productivity improved.

If you are interested in improving business intelligence within your organisiation, you should look no further than Dynamic AI, as a flexible, efficient and easy to use solution for querying, reporting on and presenting your business data.

For information about using Dynamic AI, please contact us on tel +44 (0)118 988 8709 or email

Dynamic AI 6.4 Beta Release Available

Dynamic AI version 6.4 - the 100% browser-based Business Intelligence tool - has been released for limited public Beta testing.

Dynamic AI delivers automated intelligence, enabling users to create their own queries and reports for sorting, reporting and totalling business data. Results can be presented in a range of different ways, such as, dashboards, reports, forms, pivot tables, lists and more.

This latest version includes many new features and improvements, including:

To try out the new features for yourself, you can download a free, personal evaluation beta copy of Dynamic AI.

Electos - Integration Programming Webinar

Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Time: 3:00 p.m. GMT (See time in your time zone)
Presented by: Vincent Oorsprong, Software Engineer, Data Access Europe

This webinar delves into Electos integration programming, covering subjects such as, templates, ASP and JavaScript programming. You will also be shown how to make use of parameters, labels, categories, and how to integrate a Visual DataFlex Web application within an Electos website.

The webinar will demonstrate the use of an iFrame using the EDUC 2010 registration application and the upcoming integration for the new football pool website where web services and AJAX forms are employed to get and post information from a VDF Web Application.

To get the most out of this webinar it’s advisable that you have previously seen the webinars that introduced Electos ("Electos Setup & Site Building" and "Electos Architecture & Application Integration"). You can download these webinars from the Webinar Library at

Diary Dates

VDF SIG - Asckey Data Services Ltd, Church Farm Close, United Kingdom

This Visual DataFlex Special Interest Grounp (VDF SIG) event takes place on the 17th June 2010, and provides a full day of hands on training for the new Grid class to be released in VDF 2010/16.0.

Scandinavian DataFlex User Conference (ScanDUC) 2010 - Helsingør (Elsinore), Denmark

This event takes place on the 23th and 24th September 2010, with a training day on the the 22nd September, in the beautiful city of Helsingør, situated just beside the sea and only 2 km from Sweden.

The Conference will be hosted at the Hotel Marienlyst, 4-star-rated property, which has the beach located on its doorstep, and is just a short stroll to the forest, the marina, Kronborg Castle and the medieval centre of Elsinore, which offers shopping and cafés.

The agenda, registration and pricing for the conference have yet to b confirmed, and we will keep you informed as this information is released.

For those of you who missed out on the skiing opportunities of EDUC this year, perhaps an indian Summer in Denmark could be just what you need.

Synergy 2011 - Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

The Synergy Conference takes place on the 30th March and 1st April 2011, with two training days on the 28th and 29th March.

This opportunity for meeting with the Data Access development team comes only every two years, and is well worth attending. The event itself will have a space-theme to add to the fun.

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