September 2006 News

In this Issue:

Dynamic AI - V5 Released

An affordable Business Intelligence tool for SMEs, the newly released Dynamic IA V5, bristles with new features, and perhaps one of the most interesting to the programmers reading this, is that now Dynamic AI’s full capabilities can be integrated into your applications. There are enhancements to the navigation menu, new user rights, new agent, import/export, logging and summary information but also significant changes were made to and in the customise interface and to the report appearance. For more information about this low-cost, user-friendly software call us on +44 (0)118 988 8709 and find out how Dynamic AI can make your company more efficient and competitive.

Electos V3 - on the Horizon

A new version of Electos, a powerful and easy to use Content Management System, is soon to be released.

Electos Studio is included in a Visual DataFlex Studio licence and there are Professional and Developer editions available. In addition, Electos offers ready-to-use professional website design templates so that you can add a new design or update an existing design quickly and easily at a fraction of the cost of designing a custom website.

Maintaining the content couldn’t be simpler, it’s as easy as preparing a MS Word document, and you can even do this across the Internet from anywhere in the world. For more information please call us on +44 (0)188 988 8709.

HR Matters - Employment Documentation

What are the statutory requirements regarding documentation when you take on new employees? The minimum is a written Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment, and this has to be provided within two months of their start date. A fine of 2-4 weeks pay would be applied if an employment tribunal was held.

A more complete set of documentation would include:

Finally, make sure that before 2nd October 2006 you review all your policies to see if any amendments are required with the introduction of the new Age Discrimination laws that are coming into effect. Sadly, even the 25 year clock award may be considered discriminatory - only time and case law will tell.

Our on-line Human Resource and Benefits solution, Octopus, has been designed primarily for SMEs. It can manage this documentation and help you to automate many other important HR functions. For more information on how your company can benefit from using Octopus call us on Tel +44 (0)118 988 8709

Diary Dates

VDF SIG - Visual DataFlex SIG (Special Interest Group) will be on Saturday, October 14th

Among the presentation topics will be Dynamic AI V6, AJAX, an update on release progress of Visual DataFlex 12, a new release of Electos and OCX components in VDF, with guest speaker Peter Bragg of Care Data Systems Ltd. For more information please call us on 0118 988 8709.

Scanduc - Scandinavian User Conference 2006, Copenhagen on 16th to 18th November

To be held at the Adina Appartment Hotel at Osterbro nearby the harbour and the Little Mermaid. This event, held in the English Language, will attract developers from around the world and is an excellent opportunity to meet with some of the most experienced in the business. Workshops, presentations, training will centre on a range of topics that will include VDF 12, Electos V3, AJAX, Dynamic AI V6, ERP system Korall, Security/encryption, Oracle database and AJAX library.

Unicorn InterGlobal - new contact details

Just to remind you that Unicorn has moved and our new contact details are: Priory Court, Wood Lane, Beech Hill, Reading, RG7 2BJ Tel: +44 (0)118 988 8709.

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