VDF on Mobile Devices Presentation Scanduc 2012

In November 2012, Mike delivered a presentation about developing and using native iOS apps with VDF web services. A summary of the slides is given below.



VDF on Mobile Devices
Mike Peat - Unicorn InterGlobal Ltd, UK

Visual DataFlex and mobile apps  - the landscape

Mobile touch-screen devices are increasingly pervasive:

People use these to browse the web…


Web sites vs. web applications

VDF Web applications - the user experience


VDF web applications on mobile devices - some of the problems

VDF web applications on mobile devices - addressing the issues


Using native apps for the target platform  - Is it better?


So, is the more controlled approach to using native apps better?

So how do we build a native iOS (iPhone or iPad) app?

Is using native iOS apps with VDF web services good enough?

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