DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits 6.0 released

Updated on 2015Jul21
by admin

The DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits version 6.0 have been released by Data Access and are available for download.

Existing DataFlex Connectivity Kits subscribers, may use these connectivity kits at no additional charge.

What’s new in the DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits 6.0?

New features in the connectivity kits include:

  • Support for all MS SQL Server 2008/2012 types, including the new date, datetime2, and time types
  • Support for all IBM DB2 10.1 types
  • Configurable mapping from DataFlex types to SQL types
  • Improved restructure logic
  • Auto-reconnect after lost connection

Read more about the capabilities of the DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits.

Where to get the DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits 6.0

DataFlex Connectivity Kits v6.0 are included with the latest Visual DataFlex 2012/17.1 release. You can also download a connectivity kit for the DBMS of your choice, from the Data Access Connectivity Kit Download site.

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