Electos websites and 17.1 DataFlex Webapp Server Licensing

Updated on 2018Oct24
by admin

September 2013:

With the release of the 17.1 DataFlex WebApp Server, a new licensing policy applies, which affects how you use Electos. However, a transition path is available for existing Electos users.

How do the licensing changes affect Electos?

Until the release of Visual DataFlex 2102/17.1, the stand-alone Electos web application (without an embedded server) could be downloaded and installed on an existing Visual DataFlex Web Application Server licence. With the new licensing policy, to use the stand-alone Electos web application on a 17.1 DataFlex WebApp Server, you must now select either Web Client or Web Application licensing and purchase sufficient users or applications to use Electos.

Note: With appropriate Web Client or Web Application licences, the stand-alone Electos web application can be operated concurrently with other web applications on a licenced server.

There are no changes for existing Electos Commercial customers with annual subscriptions. Subscriptions will continue at the same rate and customers will be entitled to new versions of Electos Commercial, including ones based on the DataFlex WebApp Server, as they are made available.

How does the transition path for existing Electos customers work?

If you are running Electos websites in combination with other web applications on a Version 17.0 or older Visual DataFlex Web Application Internet Server, Data Access are offering a unique transition path to 17.1 for you.

As an existing Electos user, when you update your Web Application Server Internet licence(s) to version 17.1 DataFlex WebApp Server, Data Access Worldwide will provide a full, 17.1 based Electos Commercial licence for the transition price of the product’s annual subscription – typically 25% of the retail price. The new Electos Commercial licence and the upgraded DataFlex WebApp Server must then be operated on separate server instances.