Get ready for Visual DataFlex 2012/17.1

Updated on 2015Jul21
by admin

The final touches are being made to VDF 2012/17.1, which is currently in Beta testing phase in May 2013, but in the meantime you can still download the Beta release and find out about the new features.

Take advantage of the FREE learning resources in VDF 2012

Data Access have done a great job of integrating a Start Center and tutorials into their more recent versions of VDF, and VDF 2012/17.1 is no exception. The Start Center contains links to relevant helpful resources, such as webinars and the tutorials which guide you step by step through the processes of building windows and web applications.

The online help within VDF 2012/17.1 contains a wealth of detailed information about the new features and changes between releases.

To access the tutorials, from within VDF 2012/17.1 choose Help>Help from the main menu, then open the Tutorials>QuickStart book. You will find some very helpful guides to walk you through topics such as.

  • Creating your first Windows application.
  • Creating your first Web Application.
  • Creating your first Web Service.

Note: As this is a Beta release the help may not be fully complete.

Considering Upgrading to VDF 2012/17.1? We’re here to help

If you’re considering upgrading from an earlier version of DataFlex to VDF 2012/17.1 when it’s released, but you’re not sure what’s involved, please contact us either by email at or phone 0118 988 8709.