Mertech's Campfires Autumn 2013

Updated on 2015Jul21
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October 17th Campfire - Designing your apps with Unique Identifiers

Mertech's October Campfire will talk about the specifics of using unique identifiers in programs and tables. The topics covered will include:

  • Using UUIDs in place of rowids or recnum.
  • Sequential UUIDs.
  • Platform-specific issues.
  • Using other values as a dynamic primary key.
  • Index optimization on DPK tables.

You can register to participate in this Campfire at Mertech's website.

Flex2SQL Drivers v12.1 Beta

Back in August, Mertech held one of their useful campfires to discuss and share information about what's coming in the Flex2SQL v12.1 release.

Mertech will be introducing some very important new features that will have a big impact on how developers use Flex2SQL drivers in their environments, including:

  • Full Support for UUID or GUID: This powerful new feature addresses a shortcoming in VDF when it comes to using server-side generated Universally Unique Identifiers(UUID), sometimes called Globally Unique Identifiers (GUID), as primary keys in database operations. This new feature gives developers the ability to create UUID columns with server-side UUID generation and use them seamlessly with VDF applications.
  • Complete Support for VDF Embedded SQL Syntax: If you are currently using VDF's Embedded SQL syntax, you will be able to port your applications to work with Mertech's drivers with minimal or no change. You will also be able to develop your new program using the ESQL syntax of VDF with Mertech drivers.
  • Support for SQL Azure.
  • Support for the latest Failover and Mirroring in SQL Server
  • More control over how Auto-reconnect is handled.
  • One unified interface for calling stored procedures for all drivers.

If you missed this campfire, you can take a look at Mertech's slides for Flex2SQL Drivers 12.1 - Big Features in a Minor Release.