Mertech Campfire - Responsive Web Design for the Mobile Era

Updated on 2015Jul21
by admin

Mertech’s next live and interactive Campfire session, will cover the topic of cross-browser web application development and is scheduled for December 18th at 16:00 GMT (11:00 EST).

With smartphones and tablets becoming more popular, web developers and designers now have to ensure that their websites and web applications work well across different operating systems, browsers and screen sizes. The first two challenges have been around for a while and for the most part, developers know how to handle them. Responsive design deals with handling different screen sizes.

In Mertech’s next Campfire session, they will discuss:

  • What does responsive design mean and why is it important?
  • What are the differences between fluid and responsive designs?
  • What are some of the main techniques for implementing a responsive design?
  • How to use responsive design techniques in developing a web application?

Register for the Campfire

If you’re interested in knowing more about responsive web design, visit Mertech’s website to register for the Responsive Web Design for the Mobile Era Campfire.