A few iOS apps - just for fun

Updated on 2015Jul21
by admin

We’ve compiled a short list of apps for you to try, if you have some spare time over the Christmas break.

Apple’s 12 days of Gifts (Free) - iPhone/iPad

Download the app today and from 26 December to 6 January you’ll be given a free app every day. It can be anything from books and games to films and songs. Each day’s gift is available for 24 hours then it’s on to the next.

Download 12 days of Gifts

Manage Christmas (Free) - iPad/iPhone

Strictly speaking, this app is for the run up to Christmas. We like to think that most of you are organised and ready for Christmas, but for those few(!) who aren’t the Manage Christmas app may help you be more organised. Tick off your friends and families gifts one-by-one, and keep a track of what you’ve spent on each person so you don’t overspend.

Read more and download Manage Christmas

Radio Times DiscoverTV (Free) - iPad

If you’re one of the many people who simply cannot survive the Christmas period without copies of both the TV Times and the Radio Times, then you are going to love the Radio Times DiscoverTV (free) app.

No longer will you have to tolerate a bulky, paper Radio Times (whose cover falls off within a few days). This app provides TV listings, daily recommendations and a guide to shows that are available on catchup and on-demand services. It’s free for a month, then costs £2.99 a month or £28.99 a year.

Read more and download Radio Times DiscoverTV

Creatterria - iPhone/iPad (Free)

Have you always liked the idea of developing your own computer games? Createrria is an app for creating and sharing your own games, from puzzles to platform games. It’s a genuine sandbox, with touchscreen controls for a range of items, characters and scenery with which to piece together your creations. You can share your games with a community, with the ability to "play, like and comment" on other people’s too.

Is it an app or a game? You decide.

Read more and download Creatterria

Bubbli (Free) - iPhone/iPad

Bubbli is a new iPhone app that lets you create and share impressive 360-degree photospheres.

To get going, you will need to master how to hold your iPhone camera properly, but it’s fairly simple to figure out. By tilting the camera and pivoting in a circle around your phone, you’ll capture a bubble-shaped panorama of your surroundings.

Read more and download Bubbli

MomentCam (Free) - iPhone/iPad

Recently translated into English, this photo-capturing and editing app comes with a range of customization options to transform your photo into a comic character. It uses facial recognition to paste your face onto comic caricatures, and you get to make edits after that happens. You can alter the shape of your face, get a different hairstyle and eyebrows, and choose from 200 post-editing templates.

This is a great fun app for all the family to play as an alternative to a traditional board game.

Read more and download MomentCam

DrawQuest (Free) - iPhone/iPad

Another one to keep the kids quiet without watching the TV - DrawQuest is a social drawing app which has been recently launched for iPhone with new features, including a zoomable canvas and the ability to create your own drawing challenges.

Read more and download DrawQuest

Doctor Who: Sonic Screwdriver (£1.49) - iPhone

With the 50th anniversary show of Doctor Who fresh in our minds, this novelty app based on the famous Sonic Screwdriver will appeal to you. It offers virtual versions of the gadgets from the third, fourth, tenth and eleventh Doctors, with sound effects to match. It also doubles as a mobile torch.

Read more and download Doctor Who app.

7 minute workout (Free) - iPad

Although not a new app, the 7 Minute Workout has had a makeover. You can now record your own workouts and share achievements with your friends, choose from new instructors and have your workout narrated in different languages. Definitely worth a go after all that Christmas excess. Only 7 minutes a day. How hard can it be?

Read more and download 7 minute workout

days (£1.49) - iPad/iPhone

Start the New Year with a resolution to keep on top of all your commitments and appointments using the days app. This is a great alternative to the Calendar app, allowing you to view all your calendar events and useful notifications. 

Read more and download days