Don't miss - Mike's Setting up a Cloud Server presentation

Updated on 2015Nov09
by admin

The agenda for SCANDUC 2014 is being finalised and our Mike Peat will be giving a presentation on how to setup a Cloud server using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Are you considering a Cloud Server?

The concept of working in the Cloud certainly isn’t new, but recently the low cost, secure options being offered by companies such as Amazon, have made moving to the Cloud highly attractive.

Mike’s presentation will cover the main principles of how to set up a Cloud Server using Amazon Web Services (AWS), highlight the considerations and decisions you will need to make throughout this process and the implications of your decisions further down the process.

This presentation isn’t DataFlex specific, although there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the DataFlex Cloud and how it will help developers to minimise the need to learn, use and maintain multiple deployment technologies.

If you are thinking about purchasing new servers, increasing the size of your hosted storage or hoping to simplify the infrastructure and deployment of your applications, this is a great opportunity to find out more about the benefits of Cloud Servers and how to set one up for yourself.

If you are interested in finding out more information about DataFlex and Amazon Web Services, but you are unable to attend the SCANDUC conference, please email us at or phone 0118 988 8709.