DataFlex 2014/18.0 - Update Published

Updated on 2015Nov09
by admin

Data Access Worldwide has published an update to the DataFlex 18.0 release.

Why is there an update?

This update contains fixes for the following recently discovered bugs:

  • Fixed: Bug 6757 - When using a login screen for a web application, when the Password form looses the focus the Password will no longer be masked on Mobile Devices.
  • Fixed: Bug 6758 - When a Menu Bar is positioned inside a Panel, the drop down can be clipped on Mobile Devices.

You can read more information about these bugs on the Dropdown Menu issue forum thread.

This update only impacts developers’ mobile projects and only applies to Studio installations. It is not necessary to apply it to DataFlex Client or DataFlex Web Application Server deployments. The two bugs addressed are only applicable to running web applications on Mobile devices, but it doesn’t hurt to have it installed.

Download DataFlex 2014/v18.0 Update

You can download the DataFlex 2014/18.0 update from:


Note: When installing, please exit the DataFlex 18.0 Studio, install the update, then reopen the Studio and update and recompile your mobile web applications. This process will automatically update the JavaScript Engine in your workspace.

Once your workspace is updated with the new JavaScript Engine and recompiled you should update any deployment sites as necessary and, without any other changes to your web application, the errors cited above will no longer occur.

If you are interested in finding out more about using DataFlex products, please email us at or phone 0118 988 8709.