DataFlex 2014 / 18.0 Beta available

Updated on 2015Jul20
by admin

Data Access Worldwide have announced the release of the Beta version of DataFlex 2014 / 18.0.

Note: For DataFlex 2014 / 18.0 and future releases, the new name ’DataFlex’ (rather than Visual DataFlex) will be used.

The DataFlex 2014 Beta release is feature complete, giving you the opportunity to try out the changes and to provide feedback on the new features and capabilities. Whether you’re developing for Windows or the Web

Read about the new features in DataFlex 2014

If you haven’t got time to try DataFlex 2014 Beta, you can read about the new features in the Introduction to DataFlex 2014 /18.0.

Download DataFlex 2014 Beta

There’s no substitute for downloading the release and trying it for yourself, so use the link below to download the latest build (

Download DataFlex 2014 Beta

If you would like more information about updating DataFlex 18.0, please email us at or phone 0118 988 8709.