DataFlex 2014 v18.0 Beta 5 feature complete

Updated on 2018Nov05
by admin

Data Access Worldwide have announced that DataFlex 2014 v18.0 Beta 5 is available for downloading and Beta testing.

Note: DataFlex is the new name that replaces Visual DataFlex, to define a consistent naming convention across the Data Access product suite.

Mike's Verdict?

There are a vast number of changes and enhancements in this release, so many that there isn't space to document them all here. Instead, we'll highlight the main changes in the area that Mike found most interesting - changes to the Web Framework.

Web Framework 18.0 Beta 5 changes and enhancements

The DataFlex Web Framework enables the development of desktop-like business applications in popular web browsers. In this release, several refinements and new capabilities are available in the framework including:

  • List and Grid enhancements

    The grid control is extended with new styling options and a set of extra grid columns. These allow developers to include links, buttons, images and date pickers within their grids easily.

    For more information and examples see List & Grid Enhancements.
  • File Upload Control

    An easy to use (only DataFlex Code) file upload control is available in two flavours. It is built using modern HTML5 technology supporting multi-file upload, drag & drop and progress display. It also includes proper fallback to HTML4 technology for older browsers.

    See File Upload Control for more information and examples.
  • Suggestion Form

    The new suggestion form is a dynamic list of items shown while typing. It represents a completely new style of selecting records compared to the regular prompt lists. The control is fully customizable and contains optimizations for SQL using the new SQL Data Dictionary filters.

    See the help about the Suggestion Form for more information.
  • Other new controls and features

    See examples of how these other new features can help to deliver easy to use applications:
    - Group Control
    - Custom Key Handlers
    - Wait Dialogs and Action Modes
    - Cookie API
    - Error Handling
    - Info Balloon
    - Progress Bar

If you have existing DataFlex 17.1 Web Applications, please read the Important Note for Existing Web Applications before migrating them to 18.0.

As this build of DataFlex 18.0 is feature complete, this is an ideal time to download it and try out the new features, while at the same time giving your valuable, real world feedback to Data Access, helping them to make the final release of DataFlex 18.0 the best it can be.

Download DataFlex 2014 v18.0 Beta 5

You can download and try DataFlex 2014 v18.0 Beta 5 from the Data Access DataFlex 2014 Testing forum:

Download DataFlex 2014 Beta 5 Now

Want to know more about DataFlex 2014 v18.0 Beta 5?

If you would like to know more about any of the new features in DataFlex 2014 and how you could use them to improve your business systems, please email us at or phone 0118 988 8709