Laundry giant uses DataFlex for in-house systems

Updated on 2018Nov05
by admin

It's always nice to read DataFlex success articles in the news, and here's a great article about how Berendsen Textil Service (a laundry company) have used DataFlex to develop their own, in-house, business system.

As an exchange-listed company with 15,000 employees in 16 countries, Berendsen decided that an in-house software system would provide them with the complete flexibility they need, at a fraction of the costs of buying a standard off-the-shelf system.

The in-house DataFlex system covers all aspects of the operation and consists of 15 large modules, along with several smaller modules. Some of the larger modules cover purchasing, central warehousing and delivery optimisation.

You can read the full article at Standard systems don't work - Laundry giant develops own system.

Thanks to our friends from Front-IT, who very kindly brought this great Computing Sweden article to our attention.

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