Mertech release Flex2SQL v14

Updated on 2018Nov05
by admin

Mertech has announced the final release of FLEX2SQL Version 14.0, which significantly improves efficiency and performance for DataFlex developers. This version contains many enhancements, including:

  • An improved API for LOB Access, including new interface commands and an enhanced chunking process.
  • Integration with DataFlex 18.0’s new Native Data Type Mapping feature, enabling a more efficient workflow for table creation.
  • Support for DataFlex 18.0’s new DDO SQL Filters feature, which improves the accuracy and performance of SQL searches.
  • Support for all major releases of database servers, such as MS SQL Server 2014, MYSQL 5.7 and PostgreSQL 9.4.

For more details, please see Mertech’s product release notes.

Want to know more about Flex2SQL v14?

You can find out more about Flex2SQL v14, and view the Campfire from Mertech’s Flex2SQL v14 blog.