Don't miss Mike Peat's WebQuery presentations at DISD and EDUC

Updated on 2015Jul20
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As you all know, Mike does like the sound of his own voice, especially when talking about a subject on which he is an authority. So the opportunity to deliver presentations about WebQuery at both EDUC 2014 and DISD 2014 were simply too good to miss.

Last September, Mike gave a presentation on WebQuery, which began as a project to test what could be done using the new DataFlex WebApp Framework (See the WebQuery presentation summary). These these new presentations for EDUC 2014 and DISD 2014 will build on the information from that earlier presentation.

EDUC 2014 WebQuery presentation

With EDUC 2014 being just a hop across the water, Mike will be attending the conference to deliver a presentation about WebQuery. Although his name isn’t on the schedule yet, you can see the description of Mike’s WebQuery presentation.

DISD 2014 WebQuery presentation

Date: 28th March 2014
Time: 15.30 GMT

As DISD is a little further afield to travel, Mike will broadcast his presentation from the UK. You can see the description of Mike’s presentation on the DISD Schedule.

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