Actian PSQL

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Actian PSQL (formerly Pervasive PSQL) is a high-performance, stable, reliable, low-maintenance database management system (DBMS).

Offering both relational and transactional access methods, Actian PSQL allows you to access the exact same data through ODBC and OLE DB, or through the transactional interface called Btrieve. While ODBC allows you to perform complex reporting and data mining, Btrieve gives you the speed you require when fast access to millions of data records is paramount.

Actian PSQL Business Benefits

Actian PSQL offers full security, encryption, management and monitoring tools, and a host of other features including:

Run Your Database Applications on Virtual Machines

Within the Actian product family, there is Actian PSQL Vx, a hypervisor friendly edition of Actian PSQL, which allows you to run your PSQL database application on a virtual machine with your favourite hypervisor from VMware, Microsoft or Citrix.

With features such as, no restrictions on hosting, connection pooling and the choice of Internet or intranet use, Actian PSQL Vx can provide a highly virtualised environment and is the perfect solution for your Cloud Computing requirements.