DataFlex Web, Mobile and Windows Database Applications in the UK

DataFlex LogoDataFlex is an advanced software tool for building DataFlex Web, mobile and Windows database applications. As DataFlex UK experts, we can advise on all aspects of using DataFlex for software programming.

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Produced by Data Access Worldwide, DataFlex combines rapid development with well organized, reusable and maintainable code - so you can build Web applications and Web services of all sizes and complexity.


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The DataFlex Introduction video (shown above) is the first in a series of short videos about Dataflex software and explains the advantages of using it. To see how easy it is to create Web and mobile touch applications, watch the instructional videos in the Discovering DataFlex series.

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DataFlex for Web and mobile apps


DataFlex software enables you to create reliable, high-performance applications for Windows and the Web because of its extensive support for the entire development life cycle and standardised, efficient approach to building software applications.

DataFlex programming

The DataFlex integrated development environment (Studio IDE) lets you build, maintain and develop business applications quickly and easily.

Key benefits of using DataFlex as your software development tool include:

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DataFlex Features

Key features of DataFlex are its DataFlex Web Framework, the design Studio and support for web services and multi-user database operations:

DataFlex Web Framework

The DataFlex Web Framework supports two styles of web applications: Desktop and Mobile/Touch.

Desktop Web applications

The desktop style lets you build browser based applications that look and behave similar to a traditional DataFlex Windows application. A number of themes are provided:

DataFlex Web application theme - Example 1

DataFlex Web application theme1

DataFlex Web application theme - Example 2

DataFlex Web application theme2

DataFlex Web application theme - Example 3

DataFlex Web application theme5

DataFlex Mobile/Touch applications

The mobile/touch style extends the web framework to allow a single a Web application to work well on a range of browser devices from mobile phones, to tablets on up to desktop browsers. The same classes, both DataFlex and JavaScript, are used to build either style application.

DataFlex mobile touch example

The DataFlex Web Framework Library’s pre-defined classes and components enable developers to build fast, feature-rich, great-looking web applications with less code. It includes both the foundation for building AJAX (or "Web 2.0") applications, as well as a sample application that shows developers how to do it.

DataFlex Studio - a flexible, integrated design environment

The design and implementation of Windows and Web applications follows an intuitive and well designed process assisted by wizards, editors and explorers, examples of which are:

DataFlex WebApp Server

The DataFlex WebApp Server is an integrated component of DataFlex, for deploying browser-based applications, Web Services and service oriented architecture (SOA) solutions. Read about DataFlex WebApp Server.

Support for Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture

Where static web pages are no longer adequate, building, publishing and consuming web services is part of the DataFlex Studio.

Developers can focus on writing the application logic from which DataFlex will automate the process of creating a publishable web service.

Automatic support for multi-user database operations

The applications that you can create within DataFlex manage multi-user concurrency without the need for any special coding.

DataFlex database

DataFlex has its own powerful, embedded DataFlex database for you to use "from the box", or you may prefer to use one of the industry’s other leading database servers, providing you with a database independent development environment. Your applications can be easily deployed on the Database Management System (DBMS) of your choice, without needing code-changes, using Connectivity Kits. These kits provide application transparent database connections and they also will convert your data from one DBMS to another.

Database connectivity

The following database connectivity kits are available for you to develop for (or migrate to):

Learn more about the available database connectivity kits.

Benefits of DataFlex for End Users

While it is important that DataFlex makes sense for businesses and their developers, far more important are the benefits that deployed DataFlex applications can deliver to end users.

As you would expect from a development tool created by an industry leader, DataFlex application interfaces provide end users with clear navigation, prompts, validation and help. The adherence to standards and the structured development environment ensure that quality is built in, providing end users with easy to use, efficient and reliable applications.

DataFlex - Benefits for Your Business

The tiered development system is designed to accommodate the latest trends in distributed, rule-based, client/server database application architecture. The combination of the DataFlex methods and the integrated development environment provides an easy-to-master environment.

DataFlex’s extensive range of utilities and tools mean real business benefits:

Overall, the time and expenditure on development and support can be significantly reduced, without compromising quality, due to the reduced development time, use of shared resources and generated code.