DataFlex Reports for business report writing

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Need ad-hoc reports within your DataFlex Web applications? Try WebQuery the free reporting utility.

DataFlex Reports® is the report writing tool from Data Access Worldwide and can be used to create reports from any data source, not just DataFlex. 

Using DataFlex Reports you can create reports and other forms of output from your data sources or include reporting directly in your software applications.

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What's new in DataFlex Reports?

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DataFlex Reports Benefits for Users

DataFlex Reports is a report writing tool that enables end-users, power-uesrs and professional software developers alike, to create accurate, reliable, organized reports to deliver information efficiently and quickly.

Designed so that users can create their own reports - DataFlex Reports provides a complete reporting solution for creating, managing, and delivering traditional reports to desktop environments and publishing reports over the web. All the steps in the reporting process are covered, from data access to report design, management and delivery, and report integration with applications

DataFlex Reports Features

Reports made with DataFlex Reports can be delivered in web applications in the following ways:

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