DataSlave ETL

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DataSlave ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) is an award winning graphical data transfer tool with which you can import, manipulate, validate, transform and export data both from and to a wide variety of formats, including SQL database servers such as MS SQL Server and Oracle, Visual DataFlex databases, Access databases, Excel spreadsheets and various formats of text file.

DataSlave is a tool every developer or systems integrator should have in his or her toolkit - a must-have for all kinds of data-manipulation tasks.

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DataSlave Business Benefits

Data is one of your businesses most valuable assets, yet over time areas of data may become duplicated, redundant or simply out of date. Employing experts to cleanse your data costs your business time and money, but ultimately, so do inconsistencies and errors in your data.

DataSlave helps you to keep your data clean, improving efficiency within your business and is invaluable for a whole range of data manipulation tasks ranging from database migration or data-cleansing and de-duplication, through to data-warehousing, or database replication, down to the easy import of third-party or externally collected data.

Some of the benefits DataSlave ETL provides are to:

DataSlave Features

DataSlave has a simple to use, graphical interface that allows staff with no programming experience to move and transform data within your organisation. The intuitive interface displays the actions to be taken on your data, while showing you the results each step of the way.

Key features of DataSlave allow you to: