Electos Content Management System

Electos is a user friendly, web-based system for creating, maintaining, organizing and publishing website content, produced by Data Access.

Electos has been renamed to DataFlex Content Manager in the interests of product name consistency (in July 2014).

Need a website content management system?

Take a look at DataFlex Content Manager, the Data Access website content management system.

Features new in Electos v4.5

Ready to use template for your business website

When you first use Electos you’ll see there is a template website already there, illustrating the different page styles you can use. You can experiment with this website to see how your menu structure will look  and try out the styles you want to use.

Here’s an example of a default MYWebsite page in Electos v4.5.

Electos v4.5 example page

Responsive Layout

New in Electos v4.5 is the introduction of responsive layout - so your websites work well on all screen sizes and devices with the minimum of scrolling and resizing. What does this mean? Take a look at the examples below.

Example of a MyWebsite page where the window is wide enough to see the left menu:

Electos with responsive layout example 1

Example of the same MyWebsite page in a narrower window, using responsive layout:

Electos with responsive layout example 2