Octopus HR

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Octopus HR is an award-winning, purpose built, web-based Human Resources Management Software ideal for all levels of business users, from Leaders and Managers to Employees.

Helping you to take control of managing your Human Resources, Octopus HR delivers:

Business Benefits

Using Octopus HR you can manage your people more effectively, regardless of the size of your organisation. Its many features ensure your HR environment will become more efficient resulting in significant time and cost savings for your business.

Octopus is a highly cost effective way of implementing your HR systems and can be available for a low-cost monthly subscription of a few pounds per employee. Minimal setup and training are required to be up and running with Octopus, making it an attractive solution for your HR requirements.

Octopus provides benefits to all involved with human resources. Some of the benefits for leaders, managers and employees include:

For Leaders

For Managers

For Employees


Octopus HR is packed with features, some of the main ones include: