Dynamic AI Training

Find out how we can, provide tailored training.
Learn about the features and benefits of Dynamic AI.

We can deliver training programs for all levels of Dynamic AI users.

Our Dynamic AI training can be customised and made available both as external classes, and as in-house sessions held at your premises. Each of our courses is led by experienced Dynamic AI specialists with real world experience.

Generally end users need little or no training to use generic Dynamic AI functionality. Therefore, their training can usually be delivered directly to the relevant end-users as a workshop.

Training for developers

Dynamic AI applications can be used for many different business functions and across numerous databases. Therefore, structured training courses are advised, to ensure that developers are educated how to create an effective application environment that will get the most from Dynamic AI functionality.

When set up correctly Dynamic AI should require very little maintenance. Training is advisable to ensure that security measures, logging, and central dictionary functions are used in the correct context.