Dynamic AI for Business Intelligence

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Dynamic AI (Automated Intelligence®) is a 100% browser-based Business Intelligence (BI) tool that enables users to access, sort, total and report on data, without expert assistance. Created by CINTAC A/S, we are pleased to distribute Dynamic AI within the UK.

Dynamic AI on iPhone

Dynamic AI benefits for business intelligence

Dynamic AI is a competitively priced, easy to use, business intelligence tool that allows users to build custom data presentations, either from scratch or based on existing views, in an iterative cycle. Users can access information from different systems within an organisation to build web based reports. Managers can use it to access the real time, accurate information they need to manage their businesses. It is in use around the world to deliver effective data reporting and as an analytical tool.

Some key reasons for using Dynamic AI are that it:

Dynamic AI provides everything you need to gather, collate, analyse and present data from an unlimited range of sources. This means decision making is no longer dependant on historical data from your last set of reports but is as up to date as the last transaction recorded.

Dynamic AI Features

Replete with standard features such as Dashboards, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Automated Alerts, Dynamic AI is both highly secure (it was originally developed for the German banking industry) and browser-based, giving zero-footprint deployment on corporate desktops. Powerful graphical features, backed by endlessly extensible drill-down features, allow users to see complex data intelligibly summarised, without sacrificing the ability to delve down to find the underlying causes.

Dynamic AI can be branded to your corporate identity to give it seamless look-and-feel that fits into your existing company systems.

Dynamic AI for report developers (Authors) 

Dynamic AI report developers (also called Authors) are the people who create reports for users (or Viewers). 

The Dynamic AI for Authors video (below) explains how to create a simple report, using Dynamic AI and covers:

Watch the Dynamic AI for report developers video (8:18 mins)

Dynamic AI for report users (Viewers) 

For users (also called Viewers) who need access to correct, reliable information, both on demand and as scheduled reports, Dynamic AI is a beautifully simple solution.

The Dynamic AI for Viewers video (below) gives you an overview of what Dynamic AI can do for users, and covers:

Watch the Dynamic AI for report Viewers video (6:06 mins)

Dynamic AI for DataFlex

For Dataflex developers who are working with data in a DataFlex embedded database, Data Access have produced a tool, DataFlex Data Pump to make it easier to access the DataFlex data. Using DataFlex Data Pump, you first convert your DataFlex data to Microsoft SQL Server, ready for use with Dynamic AI.