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DataFlex Training

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We run an introductory level DataFlex programming course.

As DataFlex experts we are also able to provide tailored DataFlex training courses to suit the requirements of your developers.

Discovering DataFlex

Who should attend the Course?

This course is aimed at almost anyone with knowledge of programming or a background in computing.

Aim of the Course

To provide the participant with the ability to create simple DataFlex Windows applications and to act as a starting point for exploring the more advanced aspects of programming in DataFlex.

Benefits of the Course

On completion of this course participants will have covered the following subjects:

  • How to use the Manual Class Setup
  • DataFlex PowerBar
  • Definition Files – DEF Files
  • Creating Workspaces
  • Workspace Sub Directories
  • DataBase Builder – DEF Files
  • Creating Selection Lists
  • Problems and Solutions

For information about the course duration, cost per candidate and booking, please contact us.