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DataFlex Price List

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Use our DataFlex price list to calculate the price for using DataFlex for commercial software development. You will require a DataFlex Studio licence for each developer. (Read about studio licensing below).

To deploy your DataFlex applications you will also require:

  • Windows Client Licences for deployment on Windows® PCs and LAN servers (prices shown below).
  • DataFlex WebApp Server Licences for deploying internet/intranet applications, web services and SOA solutions on a web server (See our Web App Price List).

DataFlex Windows Client Licence Price List

DataFlex Studio NewPrice
DataFlex Studio Licence (inc 1 year subscription)500350
Windows ClientsPrice
Single User Windows Client Distribution1,950490
1-User to 3-User Upgrade125
1-User to 5-User Upgrade300
3-User to 5-User Upgrade275
Windows Clients with ConnectivityPrice
Single User Windows Client Distribution2,925732
1-User to 3-User Upgrade175
1-User to 5-User Upgrade450
3-User to 5-User Upgrade400

(Note: all prices are exclusive of VAT and other applicable taxes; * indicates that these licenses cannot be combined with other licence counts)

DataFlex Studio Licensing Information

DataFlex Studio is a complete Windows application development toolkit including IDE, compiler, debugger, application framework, class library, database utilities and documentation.

For businesses, commercial licences must be purchased to use DataFlex Studio to build and run applications. For personal, non-commercial use, you can download and evaluate a free Personal Edition.

A DataFlex Studio licence is required for each individual developer that uses the software.

A Commercial Studio licence includes…

  • A 3-User DataFlex Windows Client with Connectivity Kits for internal development, testing and internal production use with applications within the Studio user’s company. Client Engines for deployment to third parties must be purchased separately.
  • A distributable Evaluation Windows Client to enable commercial software developers to freely distribute trial copies of their application products.
  • A DataFlex WebApp Server for development and testing use only. As of 17.1, production use of the included DataFlex WebApp Server is not allowed.
  • A sub-licence to use and deploy Codejock Software’s ActiveX controls with DataFlex Windows applications.

Windows Client Licensing Information

DataFlex Windows Client runs application software developed with DataFlex Studio. Windows Clients include the application execution engine, utilities, the DataFlex embedded database and, optionally, database connectivity drivers.

A Windows Client licence is required for each person that uses VDF Windows applications on a standalone PC or in networked configurations. New Windows Clients include a one-year Subscription.

Windows Client Licences

  • Multi-User Windows Client licences provide entitlement for a specified number of users to concurrently use DataFlex Client Engine with application software in server based environments. Multi-User Client Engine licences decrease in per-User cost as the number of Users increases. Volume licences are available when quantities of Multi-User Client Engines are required.
  • A Single-User Windows Client licence provides entitlement for one person to use a DataFlex Client Engine with application software. A Distribution Licensee may distribute Single-User Windows Clients with their DataFlex applications.

For full licensing information see, Data Access Worldwide Licensing and subscriptions.