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DataFlex Character Mode

DataFlex 2.3b and 3.2 Character Mode are designed for developing software and database applications.

There are still many organisations using DataFlex 2.3b and 3.2 Character Mode applications, which is testament to the reliability and longevity of the product. We are the DataFlex UK experts and can help you with your DataFlex character mode applications.

For the character-mode DOS, Unix and Linux environments, DataFlex 2.3 and 3.2 Character Mode delivers rapid software application development features that are hard to rival in any other tool-set. 

Price for DataFlex Character Mode

Although DataFlex Character Mode is now a legacy product, if you are looking for prices and licence details, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

Useful tips for DataFlex Character Mode

In addition to the Data Access DataFlex Character Mode forum, you can also find information about DataFlex Character Mode at DataFlex Wiki.

You can use the DataFlex Debugger to run your programs in debug mode with features such as single stepping, variable inspection, call stack and record buffer inspection. Find out more at DataFlex Debugger.

DataFlex Character Mode Benefits

The integration of a proven application framework and an easy to read language with databases enables you to quickly build reliable, high performance business applications.

  • High Performance Embedded Transactional Database
    The DataFlex database is well known for speed, reliability and ease of administration. Hundreds of on-line users and millions of records are no challenge for this well proven Database Management System.
  • Client/Server Options
    DataFlex supports the use of third party database drivers for MS-SQL, IBM DB2 and ODBC under Windows Console Mode. DB2 is supported on Linux. Third Party vendors support other client/ server connectivity options including Oracle and MySQL.