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DataFlex Reports Price List

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Our DataFlex Reports price list, for the report writing tool from Data Access®. Available in Standard and Developer Editions.

DataFlex Reports Price List

Standard Edition29573.75
Developer Edition595148.75

(Note: all prices are exclusive of VAT and other applicable taxes)

DataFlex Reports Editions

There are two editions of DataFlex Reports – Standard and Developer. To help you decide which type of licence you need to purchase, the main differences between the DataFlex Reports editions are listed below:

DataFlex Reports Edition ComparisonStandardDeveloper
Create reports (.DR)YesYes
Run reports (Preview)YesYes
Print reportsYesYes
Export to CSV, XLS, HTML, PDF, RTF & PicturesYesYes
Lock a report (.DR)NoYes
Integrate reports in  DataFlex AppsNoYes
Free report distribution with DF/CL AppsNoYes
Needs Web Deployment licence for webYesYes
Use Runtime Data Source in reportsNoYes

Find out more about licensing for DataFlex Reports from the Data Access DataFlex Reports Licensing page.

See the DataFlex Reports License Agreement for complete details of usage and deployment entitlements.

DataFlex Reports downloads

To get the latest downloads of DataFlex Reports, please visit the Data Access DataFlex Reports download site.