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DataFlex Reports Price List

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DataFlex Reports, the report writing tool from Data Access® is available in Standard and Developer Editions.

Standard Edition29573.75
Developer Edition595148.75

(Note: all prices are exclusive of VAT and other applicable taxes)

DataFlex Reports Editions

There are two editions of DataFlex Reports – Standard and Developer. To help you decide which type of licence you need to purchase, the main differences between the DataFlex Reports editions are listed below:

DataFlex Reports Edition ComparisonStandardDeveloper
Create reports (.DR)YesYes
Run reports (Preview)YesYes
Print reportsYesYes
Export to CSV, XLS, HTML, PDF, RTF & PicturesYesYes
Lock a report (.DR)NoYes
Integrate reports in  DataFlex AppsNoYes
Free report distribution with DF/CL AppsNoYes
Needs Web Deployment licence for webYesYes
Use Runtime Data Source in reportsNoYes