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Software Maintenance

In addition to developing new systems, Unicorn also has the expertise to maintain and enhance your existing systems and software maintenance is part of the process.

Our talented experts have extensive industry knowledge, enabling them to identify the enhancements required to improve interoperability of your existing systems in the most cost effective manner.

Maintaining Existing Software

Software maintenance of your existing systems is crucial to your organisation. Constant changes within your business, legislation and your competitors all place demands on your software systems, some of which cannot be ignored.

The developers of your computer systems may no longer be able to maintain them, or your business does not warrant the expense of an in house IT department. You may have set up a small internet based business, with the help of contract IT staff, but now your business has grown and so have your IT requirements. Unicorn are uniquely positioned to guide and assist in each of these situations.

Our decades of software experience mean that we can maintain and enhance your existing systems, keeping costs low and ensuring that your business computer systems function as they should.

DataFlex programming and support

We are experts in DataFlex programming and the suite of DataFlex software and programming tools, having worked with DataFlex products for many years. Whether you have a DataFlex Character Mode system that you want to migrate to the Web, or Web based systems for which you want supporting mobile applications, we can help you.

Whether you are looking for help with updating, maintaining or migrating DataFlex systems, we can help and advise you on the best solution.

Working with Legacy Software

Often legacy systems are still working correctly and doing their job, but at some point changes in your business require changes to your software. For example, your systems may need to be faster, your users may demand more extensive reports or you need to provide Web interfaces to allow employees in the field easier access to information.

Maintaining legacy systems is an area in which we sometimes find ourselves helping customers. In many cases, their fundamental legacy systems are the backbone of the business and are too costly to change. We specialise in getting dated, back-end systems to communicate with the latest technology and interfaces.

We understand that it’s not always feasible to implement complete new systems. Often our clients prefer to keep their back-end legacy systems running, while still wanting to find a way of satisfying the requirements of their customers and employees.

Although your systems may be decades old, and possibly modified to what seems like their limits, Unicorn can still solve your legacy system issues. Essentially, we can help you to keep pace with changing technology ensuring that your business maximises the Internet, without the upheaval of implementing new, underlying systems. We are experts at getting different systems to communicate with each other to deliver the end results that you require.