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We provide solutions for a wide variety of clients across a range of industries and like to be able to meet all the needs of our client base. Therefore, in addition to providing custom software, we have partnered with a number of software providers to become a Value Added Reseller (VAR), allowing us to provide off-the-shelf software products for application development, application deployment, report writing and business intelligence.

Application Development Products  

Software products

Application development products with which Unicorn has an affinity are DataFlex and DataFlex Character Mode, produced by Data Access Worldwide.

While both products are designed for developing database applications, DataFlex provides you with a GUI interface for ease of use, whereas DataFlex Character Mode is particularly useful for porting to different environments.

The same application framework is used in both DataFlex and DataFlex Character Mode, providing a consistent business rules environment for Web, Windows, and character mode solutions.

Application Deployment Products

Whichever development product you choose to use, you will require licences to deploy the software you have built. Licensing requirements for deploying applications are often complex, and we are happy to help you identify the best licensing solution for you.

In summary, to deploy DataFlex or DataFlex Character Mode applications:

  • DataFlex Character Mode applications require one of the DataFlex Runtime options, e.g., Linux, Solaris.
  • DataFlex applications to be deployed on Windows PCs and LAN servers require a Windows Client Licence.
    See our DataFlex Price List for the full range of options.
  • DataFlex applications to be deployed as internet/intranet applications, web services or SOA solutions on a web server, require a DataFlex WebApp Server, which is an integrated component of  DataFlex. 
    See our DataFlex WebApp Server Price List for the full range of options.

Client/Server Products

While software development tools, such as Dataflex and DataFlex Character Mode, come with their own built in database, you may instead choose to use a third party database for your applications. We believe that it’s hard to match the power and reliability of Actian PSQL for underlying database support.

There are a number of software products for connecting software applications to your chosen database. We supply a range of database connectivity products from different suppliers.

We understand the complexities involved in choosing between alternative licensing options across different suppliers, and we have the expertise required to determine which products will be right for you. 

Let us help you decide which is the best solution for you.

Report Writing and Business Intelligence Tools

Having access to your organisation’s data is crucial to gaining and maintaining a competitive edge. Therefore we supply several tools for gathering, sorting, manipulating and reporting on data:

  • Dynamic AI a powerful tool for accessing, sorting and reporting on data

Website Content Management

The majority of small to medium-sized businesses are fully aware of the importance of their website as a window to the outside world. However, while significant effort and resources are employed to get a website up and running, maintaining the content can often be too difficult for end users. This often results in a website that quickly becomes out of date and meaningless. Using a content management system simplifies the process of maintaining website content.

For more information, contact us.