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Software Training

Unicorn has been providing software training courses for more than 30 years across a range of topics. We train programmers and business users alike, with our on site training courses covering all levels of ability, from introductory to advanced.

“I did this training at EDUC too and enjoyed it very much.
I certainly learnt alot…”

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For programmers, there is a choice of technical software training courses in DataFlex and associated products, JavaScript and web technology.

For business users at all levels there are courses in business intelligence tools such as Dynamic AI showing how to use the tools to their greatest potential and gain the most from your data.

Our experience has taught us that by working at a client’s own site we can mirror a real life environment and so train users more effectively. Often there are times when specialised training is required, and to accommodate this we can provide tailored courses to suit your needs. These can be held at times and in a location that are convenient to you.

Although, we typically run on-site courses at the request of our customers, during periods of high demand, we do also offer standard scheduled training courses.

Class Sizes

We provide one tutor for up to a maximum of six participants. Preferably classes will consist of four participants, which allows the tutor plenty of time for individual questions relating to the exercises carried out during the courses. If larger classes are requested, this can be arranged and we would provide the appropriate number of tutors for the size of class.

Course Tutors

Our tutors are all experienced presenters and use these products on a day-to-day basis. This is a particularly important qualification when teaching such technical material. Because our tutors have an in-depth knowledge of their subject they are able to make the courses relevant and applicable to real world applications and situations. We regularly monitor courses to ensure that standards are maintained.

Course Appraisals

At the end of each course we ask that each candidate completes an Appraisal Form.  We welcome comments on the course length, content and presentation, together with suggestions for improvement.  This feedback is vital to ensure our courses continue to meet the demands of our clients. These comments and suggestions are used as part of our ongoing training review program to ensure our courses remain relevant in today’s fast moving environment.