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Case Studies

To give a better understanding of the type of work we undertake and the successful results we have achieved, here are some of our case studies.

  • Electos web service – a case study to demonstrate how Unicorn developed an Electos Web Service to improve the performance of an existing website for a public sector organisation.
  • Bailey Caravans – a new system developed to meet Bailey’s current and future needs. Crucially it needed to scale well to accommodate growth, be flexible and maintainable, and be extensible to easily accommodate new interfaces.  In addition, and most importantly, it needed to be highly stable and reliable.
  • Ministry of defence –  the design and construction of a distributed Test Equipment Asset Tracking system known as TE-Track, and a high profile MODWeb Intranet site called TEMOWeb to store consolidated asset information automatically updated from each TE-Track site.
  • Vehicle Mileage Check – Unicorn assisted VMC in the development of an online Internet enhancement to their existing legacy systems. The system developed is known today as
  • Telecommunications and eBusiness – we designed, built and deployed all the required systems and held responsibility for all aspects of the software development including design, development, data migration, testing, integration and deployment for a high security, on-line web-enabled interface to involve customers in the order entry workflow and management process and to give them access to specific information and reporting .

Sadly, we often don’t have time to record our case studies and publish them here. In addition, projects that are of a sensitive nature also don’t make it onto this page. However, you can gain more of an insight into the types of things we are working on, from the following information on this website:

  • we do sometimes post free samples and examples of our work that you can use
  • Mike Peat (owner of Unicorn InterGlobal) often speaks at conferences and we publish the presentation notes and slides on our Company menu
  • examples of the types of technical projects that we work on, you can refer to our White Papers on the our Company menu

Find out what our customers have to say about us from our Testimonials.