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DataFlex Data Pump Price List

DataFlex Data Pump (formerly named Visual Data Pump) the Data Access® tool for scheduling data exports from DataFlex databases, is available as a Single User edition only.

DataFlex Data PumpPrice
Single User29573.75

(Note: all prices are exclusive of VAT and other applicable taxes)

License, installation and registration

DataFlex Data Pump is licensed per computer; each license is single-user.

The process of installation consists of three phases:

  • Initial installation will result in an evaluation version of the product. The evaluation period is set to a maximum of 60 days.
  • Upon entering a registration-code, the license is registered and the evaluation-period restriction is removed.
  • After registration a 60-day period for activation applies. If people have difficulties activating due to internet connectivity issues etc. a manual process can be followed here.

While DataFlex Data Pump runs in evaluation mode, a limited use time of 60 days is in effect and a maximum of the first 10 tables in a filelist.cfg can only be converted.