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DataFlex WebApp Server Prices

From DataFlex 17.1 onward, DataFlex WebApp Server prices can be licensed in one of three ways. This means, any given server on which DataFlex web applications, Web services or service oriented architecture  (SOA) solutions are to be deployed, whether a physical or a virtual machine, are licensed using DataFlex WebApp Server in one of the following ways:

DataFlex WebApp Server is part of the DataFlex product suite produced by Data Access Worldwide.

Find out about the different types of DataFlex WebApp Server licences.

Web Client Licensing

Calculator image

Web Client licensing is based on the number of named users (see licence choices).

Calculate the licence prices using our WebApp Server Price Calculator

Stand Alone Web Client Licensing
Number of users
Product Price
Annual  Subscription or
Upgrade Price GBP
 5 users500.00125.00 
 10 users900.00225.00 
 20 users1,600.00400.00 
 50 users3,750.00937.50 
 100 users6,800.001,700.00 
 SPLF server connection licence600.00150.00 

(Customers requiring user-counts higher than 100 should contact Unicorn directly.)

(Note: all prices are exclusive of VAT and other applicable taxes)

These user-counts can be combined by just adding the prices together, so if you needed 65 named users you would buy a 50-user, a 10-user and a 5-user for a total of £3,750.00 + £900.00 + £500.00 = £5,150.00 (with an annual subscription of £1,287.50). 

Windows/Web “combo” licensing

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Windows/Web combo licensing is based on a combination of named web users and concurrent Windows users.

Calculate the licence prices using our WebApp Server Price Calculator.

Windows / Web Client combination licensing (with connectivity)Product Price
Annual Subscription or
Upgrade Price GBP
5 users625.00156.25
10 users1,125.00281.25
20 users2,000.00500.00
50 users4,687.501,171.88
100 users8,500.002,125.00
SPLF server connection licence600.00150.00

(Customers requiring user-counts higher than 100 should contact Unicorn directly.)

(Note: all prices are exclusive of VAT and other applicable taxes) 

Web Application Licensing

Calculator image

Web application licencing is based on the number of applications (see licence choices) deployed on the server. There is no limitation on the number of users who may access such applications.

Calculate the licence prices using our WebApp Server Price Calculator.

The pricing of WebApp licences follows a simple formula:

  1. The basic price for a WebApp server running one web application is £1,800.
  2. For each additional application deployed on the WebApp server £600 is added to the price, up to a maximum of £7,200 (10 or more applications).
  3. If database connectivity is required, £450 is added for the first application and£150 for each additional application up to a maximum of £1,800 (10 or more).
  4. If the WebApp server is to be deployed as a node under the SPLF, £600 is added to the price.
  5. Annual subscriptions are 25% of the total licence purchase price.
Number of 
  with CK
with CK
  Add CK
2 2,4003,0006007501,200
33,000 3,7507509371,500
4 3,600 4,5009001,1251,800
5 4,200 5,2501,0501,3122,100
6 4,800 6,000 1,2001,5002,400
7 5,400 6,750 1,3501,6872,700
8 6,000 7,500 1,500 1,8753,000
96,600 8,250 1,6502,0623,300

Note, for 10+ applications please contact us for prices.

If SPLF is required (see below), the price is £600 per application server.

(Note: All prices are GBP (£) and are exclusive of VAT and other applicable taxes.)


  1. You intend to deploy only a single web application, but will require database connectivity: £1,800.00 (base price) + £450.00 (connectivity for first application) = £2,250.00, with an annual subscription price of £562.
  2. You intend to deploy 6 web applications without database connectivity (i.e. using only the DataFlex Embedded Database) on two nodes (servers) under the SPLF, you will require two licences, each of which will cost: £1,800.00 (base price) + 5x £600.00 (5 additional applications) + £600.00 (SPLF) = £5,400.00 with an annual subscription of £1,350.00, so for the two required licences the total price will be £10,800.00 with a annual subscriptions of £2,700.00.
  3. You intend to deploy 8 web applications, with database connectivity: £1,800.00 (base price) + 7x £600.00 (7 additional applications) + £450.00 (first application connectivity) + 7x £150.00 (7 additional connectivity) = £7,500.00 with an annual subscription of £1,875.00.
  4. You intend to deploy 10 or more applications (thus effectively an unlimited number) with database connectivity: £1,800.00 (base price) + 9x £600.00 (9 additional applications) + £450.00 (first application connectivity) + 9x £150.00 (9 additional connectivity) = £9,000.00 with an annual subscription of £2,250.00.

Use our WebApp Server Licence Price Calculator

“Lite” WebApp Server Licence

The DataFlex “Lite” WebApp Server will run only a single application in a single operating system process.

Licence Price
Subscription or Upgrade Price
Server onlyServer with CK Add CKServer onlyServer with CK

(Note: all prices are exclusive of VAT and other applicable taxes)

The DataFlex WebApp “Lite” server is not the same component as was sold under the name “Lite” server in previous versions (which was limited to 5 concurrent “sessions”).

A “Lite” server cannot act as a node under the SPLF.

Use our WebApp Server Licence Price Calculator


SPLF stands for Security, Performance, Load Balancing and Fail-over.

The SPLF acts as a “master” server which receives all requests to an application or applications and directs those requests to one or more (up to 255) WebApp server nodes to be fulfilled.  This allows the load on a web application to be balanced across multiple servers, improving performance in high-demand environments and catering for the possibility of individual server failures.  Additional security comes from the fact that only the SPLF itself need be Internet-facing, with the actual WebApp servers (and the data they are accessing) remaining safely behind a firewall, never directly exposed to the Internet.

This capability was previously marketed as the “Enterprise Server“.

There is no price for this component; instead a price of £600.00 is added to the price of each DataFlex WebApp Server licence which will serve as a node under the SPLF, as detailed for web clients and web applications above.

Any given SPLF can only serve one of the two licence models above: Web Client or Web Application – the two cannot be mixed under a single SPLF.  A “Lite” server cannot act as a node under the SPLF.