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Javascript Training Course

Our Javascript training course has proved popular, as you can see from our testimonials and forum posts by delegates.

“Very competently and well executed by Mike Peat of Unicorn Interglobal.”

Director, Sture Aps

Our JavaScript Fundamentals training course is designed to provide you with a thorough and in-depth understanding of Javascript basics including arrays, objects, functions and the Document Object Model (DOM).

We specialise in on site tailored training that meets your specific requirements. Whether you want several days training for a group of developers, or a single ’master class’ day covering a specific subject, we can help you.

JavaScript Fundamentals Training Course

This instructor led JavaScript training course helps you to explore JavaScript with the help of examples, building the knowledge and confidence you require to use JavaScript in a real world environment.

Who Should Attend this Course?

We can tailor the depth of our JavaScript training course content to suit your needs, providing anything from a simple two day overview to a longer more detailed course where the delegates are required to complete all of the exercises. Therefore we can cater for all levels of experience, from those who are just starting to use JavaScript, to those who have been using JavaScript for a while but want to know how to make use of its most complex features.

Aims of the Course

JavaScript and the DOM are the basic technologies used in building advanced web applications. Although you can use Visual DataFlex to generate great web applications without an in-depth knowledge of JavaScript or the DOM, you do need to understand these subjects before you can fully extend your applications to meet the needs of complex, real world requirements.

The course first covers the basics of the JavaScript language, including its:

  • structure and syntax
  • data types
  • operators
  • expressions
  • variables
  • objects, arrays and functions
  • conditional execution, loops and exception handling

Next, follows more advanced aspects such as anonymous functions (lambdas), namespaces, modules and closures.

Following that, the focus moves to the execution environment JavaScript is most often employed in: the web browser, covering:

  • The DOM (Document Object Model) for both HTML and XML and how to work with it in JavaScript.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) API, browser incompatibilities and what to do about them.
  • The browser event model and event listeners.
  • The XMLHttpRequest object which forms the basis for Ajax-style web applications

As part of this course, delegates are given examples relevant to the training material to install. These examples can be used both during the course and for additional later study.

For information about the course duration, cost per candidate and booking, please contact us.