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Software Services

Does your organisation need help to effectively implement new technologies or meet your changing IT needs? Let Unicorn help – we are approachable, fast, friendly and efficient. We offer a range of custom software services, from developing Web apps and mobile apps, to modifying and migrating legacy systems.

With over 20 years working in the IT industry, we are proud of our skills and expertise in custom software development, internet development and integration, training and support.

We like to work with our customers, in the way that suits them best. For example, with some customers we design and develop from conception to implementation, with others we work alongside the client’s team to achieve the end result. With others, we might develop software up to the point from which the client’s developers are able to take over the role. Our main software services are listed below:

Web Development

While your website has an immediate impact on the way companies perceive and conduct business, without an infrastructure behind a web page, you are only using a fraction of its potential. Unicorn can help you take advantage of the availability and convenience of the Internet and use it to benefit your business. Learn more about our Web development services.

Mobile Application Development

If your customers and employees can perform transactions with your business via the web, they automatically expect to be able to do so via a mobile device too. However, with mobile devices using their own operating systems, you’ll need native apps written specifically for those devices. Find out how we can help you with mobile app development.

Custom Software Development

Do you need a special piece of software, specific to your industry, or a way of making two separate systems communicate with each other to automate a manual task? We specialise in providing unique software for specific tasks. Read more

Software Consultancy

You may not be exactly sure what you need in terms of making changes to your IT systems, but you know that something must change to move things forward. We can help you to identify what you need by analysing your requirements and developing effective strategies, to employing the correct tools and techniques to implement superior software. Read more