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Prices and licensing

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the various prices and licensing options from different software providers, such as Data Access Worldwide, and are always pleased to discuss the options that suit you.

DataFlex Channel Partner

As the UK Data Access Channel Partner, we are here to help and advise you with not just the prices and subscriptions of the products listed below, but also with the many free tools and libraries (for example, the DataFlex Structure Viewer, which creates database diagrams) that are available from the Data Access Downloads page.

Click below on the product for which you want prices and licensing information.

For information about the currently supported and downloadable versions of products, please refer to the Data Access Current Products list.

For detailed information about the licences for each of the Data Access products listed above, please refer to their Licensing and subscriptions documentation.


In order to receive enhancements, improvements, updates and fixes released for a Data Access product you will need a subscription. New DataFlex, DataFlex Reports and Dynamic AI Named User licenses include a one-year subscription that begins on the date of purchase. Subscriptions must be renewed annually to continue the entitlements. For more information, read Licensing – Software Subscriptions.

If you are interested in trying or purchasing DataFlex, but would first like to find out more from people who are really using it, you may like to join the UK DataFlex Group (UKDG). The UKDG are a group of seasoned DataFlex developers and managers who regularly meet up to discuss and share ideas, latest developments and planning for the future. You can find out more about the UK DataFlex Group on