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Sample applications

Working with the latest Internet and Web technologies, such as JavaScript, JSON, JSONP and Ajax, to name but a few, we are always finding solutions to software problems that we feel may also benefit others. So, rather than keep valuable knowledge to ourselves, we have dedicated this part of our website to publishing some of our solutions here for you.

Some of our samples are listed below:

Nov 2013

WebQuery for Visual DataFlex – Open Source Reporting

WebQuery is a view you can include in your own Visual DataFlex 17.1 (or higher) WebApp programs to provide users with an ad hoc reporting capability. WebQuery  – Some history WebQuery is a reimplementation of Sture Andersen’s VDFQuery Windows utility as a VDF 17.1 WebApp Framework…


Visual DataFlex 17.0 AjaxWeb sample customer data

A Customer information maintenance application using web services to access the Visual DataFlex 17.0 AjaxWeb sample customer data.

May 2011

Creating a Customer Location Map Javascript Example

Illustrates a way of creating a map that displays customer locations and key details, such as names and addresses with the ability to filter the map results to show only certain categories of customers…

VDF Ajax JSON Interface Example

An example intended to demonstrate how you can interact with the Visual DataFlex (VDF) Ajax interface using JSON as the communication protocol…