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Bespoke Software Development

We are a UK software development company
who transform business processes with software.

Take the step towards improving your business software systems

How can we help you?

Bespoke software for both UK based and international clients is what we do

What our clients say…

“ We have used Unicorn Interglobal for the past 20 years and have always received brilliant, professional service.

They have supported us from minor development issues to sophisticated bespoke B2B gateway development, nothing is too simple or too difficult.

They have always responded at a moments notice to any issues that arise.

Needless to say we are extremely satisfied to work with a brilliant team.”

Dave Cushion, Developer (Technology and Transformation), Virgin Media

Software off the shelf

Develop your own software and report on your data with:


For Web, Mobile and Windows applications

DataFlex combines rapid development with well organised, reusable and maintainable code – so you can build Web applications and Web services of all sizes and complexity.

DataFlex Reports

For accurate business reporting

DataFlex Reports provides a complete reporting solution for creating, managing, and delivering traditional reports to desktop environments and publishing reports over the web.

Dynamic AI

For competitively priced, easy to use business intelligence

A 100% browser-based Business Intelligence (BI) tool that enables users to access, sort, total and report on data, without expert assistance. Created by CINTAC A/S

The UK DataFlex Experts

DataFlex Channel Partner

Let us help you with your DataFlex software

Whether you are using the latest version of DataFlex, the original character mode versions, or anything in between – as the UK DataFlex software experts, we can help with all aspects of DataFlex software development.

We have been using DataFlex for over 30 years and are the official UK Channel Partners to Data Access Worldwide, producers of DataFlex.

Our latest news and posts

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  • A DataFlex mapping component
    In December 2021, Mike Peat gave a presentation at ScanDUC 2021 about how to create a DataFlex mapping component, that enables you to display a customised, interactive maps in DataFlex … Read more
  • Voice Controlled WebApps with DataFlex
    Yes, you can create voice controlled WebApps with DataFlex, and here’s how… You can try out the sample view shown above here. Inspired by Johan Broddfelt’s recent pair of excellent … Read more