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Asset Tracking System for Ministry Of Defence (Case study)

When we were approached to supply an Asset Tracking System Case Study for the Ministry Of Defence, we were more than happy to help.

Asset tracking system for Ministry of defence

Business Requirement

The Ministry of Defence is consolidating its common cross-service functions into single Tri-service organisations. The Test Equipment Management Organisation (TEMO) is the first true Tri-service organisation and is responsible for the management of the calibration and maintenance of almost 17,000 lines of test equipment. TEMO are spearheading Tri-service reform and innovation within the Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO).

A key TEMO responsibility is to streamline the control of the calibration and maintenance of test equipment across Navy bases, numerous Army units, and almost 60 RAF bases worldwide. Central to this control is reliable asset tracking and high visibility of global asset data.

Also of paramount importance is the high visibility of controlled documentation relating to many facets of Equipment Calibration and Control and the reduction of costs in the production and maintenance of the documentation.

Our Solution – Asset Tracking System for Ministry of Defence

The present working practices for the three services were based on legacy systems holding inconsistent data and supported by many paper based systems.

The key to providing a solution was to work with TEMO to engineer innovative new working practices and have those practices supported by leading-edge software automation.

Asset Tracking System and Intranet Site

The Unicorn solution for TEMO involved the design and construction of distributed Test Equipment Asset Tracking system known as TE-Track, and a high profile MODWeb Intranet site called TEMOWeb to store consolidated asset information automatically updated from each TE-Track site. The consolidation updates are performed using XML communications. TEMO staff can maintain all ’global’ information for TE-Track, such as Asset Types, and when changed centrally, are automatically sent back out to all TE-Track sites.

TEMOWeb acts as a central point for access to all distributed asset information. Importantly, all controlled equipment documentation is published on TEMOWeb via automatically produced Adobe PDF documents. TEMOWeb is the ’master’ for the dissemination of this documentation and represents a considerable cost saving for the MOD.

TEMOWeb also allows for the following:

  • Content Management (the site can be changed and managed without using a website design tool)
  • Flexible searching for Assets
  • Full text searching of all documents (including proximity searching)
  • Online site statistics reporting
  • Online (and remote) maintenance of all site data


The implementation of a centralised distributed Test Equipment Asset Tracking System that automatically consolidates its Asset data to a central Intranet site, and the usage of that site as a central point for all Test Equipment information documentation represents a significant change in working practices for MOD.

The TE-Track and TEMOWeb combination are cost effective developments that significantly reduce the considerable expense associated with Test Equipment Management and have enhanced the reliability and availability of crucial Asset information.

As a high profile example of innovation in action within the MOD, the TEMO solution has attracted considerable attention as it shows that systems can be simplified, yet enhanced greatly by embracing new technologies and techniques and forming relationships with capable partners.

Need an Asset Tracking System?

If you have found this Asset Tracking Case Study useful and are looking for a bespoke asset tracking system, please contact us here at Unicorn InterGlobal.