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Case Study – Vehicle Mileage Check

Our Case Study for a Vehicle Mileage Check system – See our other Case Studies.

Business Requirement

Vehicle Mileage Check (VMC) maintains and markets vehicle mileage information, presently holding over 40 million records of vehicle mileage history. With this they provide information to aid motor dealers in their efforts to verify vehicle histories. Information is provided from a number of sources including mileage data sent daily by computer link from the DVLC in Swansea.

With a strong presence in the trade marketplace, VMC had identified a need to expand their profile and customer base to attract private consumers. Despite having their own website, they were up until this point unable to leverage this significant information asset in a profitable e-commerce situation.

The Unicorn Solution

Unicorn was able to provide a complete solution by allowing consumers easy access to this information on the Internet.

Unicorn InterGlobal was pleased to assist VMC in the development of an online Internet enhancement to their existing legacy systems. The system developed is known today as In the data and Internet integration process the following systems were implemented:

  • Online searching for registration Information
  • Data upload and import facilities for integration with existing legacy systems
  • Secure Online Payment
  • Site reporting for traffic analysis and Marketing

Unicorn’s responsibility encompassed all aspects of the development including design, development, data migration, testing, integration and deployment.

The wisemileage system now offers a complete e-Commerce solution and online branding encouraging trade and private buyers alike to access mileage information at the click of a button. The search process determines whether there is information on a car registration number and asks for a postcode to be entered.

The data that is derived from this includes mileage, date of entry and source of data ie. DVLA. In addition to this, various audit logs are kept for internal use:

  • Which registrations have been requested
  • Which customers connected through to order and payment
  • Registrations for which no data was found
  • Feedback form


A company which was largely previously limited to trade customers has been able to expand its customer base, acquiring new strategic customers and forming the basis for their e-business strategy. wisemileage has leveraged their existing information assets and their existing legacy systems.

In the current social climate, when buying a second hand car, the customer needs faith that what they are buying is actually what they are getting. With an easily navigable site, individuals and motor traders alike are now offered this reassurance quickly and simply.

Why not try it yourself now, and go to the Vehicle Mileage Check website.