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DataFlex WebApp Server Price Calculator

DataFlex WebApp Server

We have created this page for you to calculate the price of using the Data Access’ DataFlex WebApp Server for your web applications. Use our DataFlex WebApp Server Price Calculator below, to work out how much your licences will cost.

Trying to decide which type of DataFlex WebApp Server Licence is best for you? Read about the different types of DataFlex WebApp Server Licences.

Choose a DataFlex WebApp Server Licence Model:

Web Client Licensing

Web Application Licensing

Lite” Server

Web Client Licensing

Web client licensing is based on named users of the licence. Windows/Web “combo” licensing is based on a combination of “named” web users and concurrent Windows users. Database connectivity is included in both.

Web Clients Only Combined Windows and Web Clients
Number of users:
Will act as an SPLF node?

Web Application Licensing

Web application licensing is based on the number of applications deployed on the server. There is no limit to the number of users able to access applications deployed under this model.

Database connectivity required?
Number of Applications Deployed:
Will act as an SPLF node?

“Lite” WebApp Server

The “Lite” WebApp Server will run only a single application in a single operating system process. It is appropriate for deploying web services or a single low-use application. The “Lite” Server cannot run as a node under the SLPF.

Database connectivity required?



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