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DataFlex Content Manager (formerly Electos)

DataFlex Content Manager (formerly Electos), created by Data Access Europe, is a user friendly, web-based system for managing website content.

With an intuitive interface and support for each step of the content management process, DataFlex Content Manager provides a powerful yet easy to use environment within which to manage websites.

Note, For businesses, commercial licences must be purchased to build and run websites.

Business Benefits

Once your website has been designed, completed and published, you have the task of keeping the content up to date and relevant. DataFlex Content Manager makes it easy for you to take control of your website and keep it maintained, without the costs of using a third party.

The interface is clear and can be quickly mastered by users with or without technical expertise. Because DataFlex Content Manager is so easy to use, you will be more likely to keep your web pages maintained and up to date. Instead of having to rely on a web designer to make changes to the website content for you, you can easily do it yourself.

A number of benefits help you to set up and maintain your business website, these include:

  • a webshop module
  • a multi-lingual studio, enabling you to operate in Danish, German and Dutch
  • different levels of access for users and roles
  • built-in support for linking to all the main social media sites, e.g., LinkedIn and Facebook
  • a template for customers to subscribe to your company newsletter
  • a blog template


Because DataFlex Content Manager is a web-based tool, you can access it and manage your website from anywhere, as long as you have Internet access. You don’t need to worry about security, as that is taken care of via password controlled access.

There are two main parts:

The Site Manager, from which you can perform administrative tasks for your websites, such as creating and deleting websites and the users who can access them.

The Studio, is the system’s browser-based, content authoring and site management component. Users can work on site content or administration anytime, anywhere without the need to install any special software. Using DataFlex Content Manager Studio, authors develop and maintain content in a word processing-like environment. Then, with a click of the mouse, their content is stored in a database on a web server, ready to publish.

DataFlex Content Manager itself is built with DataFlex  – an advanced system designed for developing database applications for Windows and the web.