Web Application Server

The Visual DataFlex Web Application Server is a high performance, fully integrated application server for deploying browser-based software, Web Services and service oriented architecture (SOA) solutions.

The Web Application Server is an integrated component of Visual DataFlex, it utilizes and leverages the complete resources of the environment. Visual DataFlex Studio is the integrated development environment for building web applications.

A single development-deployment architecture that uses shared components and common code means faster development, less code, easier maintenance and, overall, less complexity to build and deploy solutions.

AJAX and Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

The AJAX Library helps developers build Rich Internet Applications (RIA) quickly and efficiently! The AJAX Library enables developers to make their web applications more feature-rich and better looking. It includes both the foundation for building AJAX (or Web 2.0 applications), as well as a sample application that shows developers how to do it.

Web Content Management

The Electos Content Management System is powered by the Visual DataFlex Web Application Server and is available under a variety of licensing arrangements. 

Web Application Server is highly efficient and scalable.  Internet (single server) and Enterprise (clustered, multi-server with load balancing) Editions are available to accommodate a variety of deployment requirements.

The Lite Web Application Server licensed with the Studio is suitable for use with production applications that have low-demand requirements, in addition to use for testing purposes.