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Using DataFlex to Chat with ChatGPT


A while ago now – almost two years in fact – we released a little demo of a Voice Controlled application in DataFlex (Down the Pub), which now looks rather trivial compared to Johan Broddfelt’s superb “Flexie” which he demonstrated at EDUC in Reykjavík last year (DataFlex… are you there?), showing a much more sophisticated AI than our rather stupid robot bartender, which is not nearly such good company as Michael Sheen’s “Arthur” in Passengers. 😟

However we have recently hooked up to a much smarter AI – ChatGPT – through it’s API, the workspace for which you can download from GitHub.

(Note: “AI” is a somewhat deceptive term here: the “Artificial” is about right, but the “Intelligence” – at least so far as ChatGPT is concerned – is actually more akin to autocomplete on steriods. Nevertheless, it simulates intelligence reasonably well and might yet end up doing many simple, well defined tasks for us… or instead of us! 😱)

Ask ChatGPT running

So we thought we’d try putting the two technologies together…

You can try it for yourself at – just click “Start” or press “Return” to begin talking to it and seeing what it can do. 😀 (Note: it works best in Chrome on the desktop – with other browsers YMMVwildly!  🤪 We have not been able to get it to work on phones or other mobile devices just yet, but watch this space.)

As you might see from the image above, it also simulates a sense of humour!