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UK DataFlex Meetup 4th March

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The UK DataFlex Meetup on Thursday 4th March 2021 for DataFlex users to meet and discuss DataFlex software will be via Zoom due to the continuing Covid-19 restrictions regarding social gatherings.

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Find the write up for this meetup at


Time: 19:00 London (Check the time for your timezone)

As this meetup is more of a casual catch up, ‘Agenda’ is too grand a heading and ‘Presentations’ are more ‘chats about a subject’. This virtual event is less formal than the traditional classroom style meetups that we used to have. However, as a guide, here’s a list of the subjects that have been suggested and the order in which they’ll be discussed.

  • Welcome
  • Presentation – File handler class for working with csv or text files and such – by Peter Bragg
    According to Peter, this is nothing you cannot already do with all the out-the-box tools, but something that, he thinks, can make coding a lot simpler. Taking care of things like embedded carriage returns, embedded quotes, BOM markers and so forth. See the video presentation.
  • Presentation – ‘Something from Mike Peat’s box of tricks’
    Be prepared it may not be pretty, may not work and could turn into a group ‘troubleshooting’ exercise, which in itself could be fun.
  • Discussion – Suggestions for DataFlex Videos for Johan Broddfelt from FrontIoT
    Johan is currently updating his series of ‘Discovering DataFlex’ videos (published on FrontIoT’s YouTube channel) and would like to know more about what topics the community (you) would like to be featured.
  • Your news – An opportunity to ask questions and share what you’ve recently done, achieved, developed or used. It doesn’t have to be a presentation, or DataFlex related.

How to join the meetup

If you’re on our email list, you should have received an email invitation to join the Zoom meetup with our February newsletter. If you haven’t received the email, contact us and we’ll send you the details to join.

If you would like to be kept informed of future DataFlex UK meetups, please sign up for our emails.

Image Attribution – Video Call Vectors by Vecteezy