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WebQuery Presentation at EDUC 2014

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Event: European DataFlex Users Conference (EDUC)
Presenter: Mike Peat
Location: Bruges, Belgium
Date: May 2014

What is WebQuery?

WebQuery is a project on which Mike has been working for a while, which brings ad-hoc reporting to web applications. In the very early days, WebQuery was known as VDFQuery for the Web and you can see the presentation Mike gave using the Alpha version of VDFQuery at ScanDUC 2013.

To find out why WebQuery was born and the stages that have taken place to get to where it is today (v 0.4) please read the history of Webquery.

What’s new in WebQuery Beta 0.4?

Mike’s presentation at EDUC 2014 demonstrated the new enhancements and and new features that have been added to WebQuery since the Alpha release. True to form, Mike’s presentation was based on showing the actual software and what it does, rather than slides. Hence, there are no slides to show here. Instead, we encourage you to run or download WebQuery, read the Help section and try it for yourself.

To run or download WebQuery, follow the instructions at WebQuery – Getting Started.