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April 2004

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April 2004 news

In this Issue:

  • Visual DataFlex 9.1 Training Day at Heathrow
  • Pervasive White Papers
    • Migrating from a Peer Database to true Client/Server
    • Upgrading from Btrieve 6.15 to Pervasive.SQL V8
  • ODBC
  • Unix and Linux
  • Crystal Reports 10 for DataFlex
  • CrossMerge

Visual DataFlex 9.1 Event at Heathrow

We had a good response to the Visual DataFlex training event held at Heathrow last week. Eddy Kleinjan from Data Access Europe presented for most of the day demonstrating the ease with which both web and windows applications can be built using Visual DataFlex. Nearly everybody at the event signed up for the extended evaluation licence and we look forward to seeing the results of their programming efforts! Eddy also showed the new features of Visual DataFlex 10 due out later this year, incorporating more on Web Services. In all it was an excellent day and our thanks go to Eddy Kleinjan, Janine Weijers and Nick Nikijuluw for organising the event.

Pervasive White Papers

Migrating from a Peer Database to true Client/Server

Desktop databases present a low-cost way to build individual or workgroup-style applications. As organizations or markets grow, the need for databases that can scale higher and support larger quantities of data becomes more pronounced. This Pervasive White Paper explores the database choices for growing applications and describes the key decisions developers must make as they look to move their applications “up-market.”

Upgrading from Btrieve 6.15 to Pervasive.SQL V8

Upgrading your Btrieve 6.15 Client Server installation to Pervasive.SQL V8 is an easy operation, but does require some planning. This guide provides a high level overview of the steps required for a successful migration.

ODBC Drivers

As some of you will already know, the term ODBC stands for “Open Database Connectivity”. This is a standard promulgated by Microsoft to allow client-side Windows applications, like Pervasive Data Junction, to access various backend databases through a single common (SQL-like) interface.

Pervasive Data Junction has a very rich and well-tested ODBC “socket”, and can easily and powerfully attach through various ODBC drivers to file formats that we may not be able to connect to directly. ODBC is a particularly interesting option when used as part of a middleware gateway from the Data Junction client direct to remote data, typically on a mini or mainframe host computer.

UNIX and Linux

With the increase in the use of UNIX and Linux we are receiving more queries about compatibility with the products we supply. We feel these may be of interest to a wider audience and will include them in future newsletters in the form of Q&As. For example:

Q. Can I use the FlexODBC driver on UNIX/Linux?
This is a driver for Microsoft Windows and ODBC applications. PC’s running Windows which are able to address data stored on a UNIX host as a virtual DOS drive letter (using NFS or Samba for example) will be able to use this data in Windows applications.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure the DataFlex files are created in DOS format byte layout (Intel style). DOS products need a certain format, and DataFlex for Unix will work with either style, so if files are formatted in non-DOS layout, they can simply be copied to a DOS system, rebuilt, and then copied back to the UNIX system. The DataFlex for Unix applications will run as normal after the conversion.

Crystal Reports 10 for DataFlex

We are waiting with anticipation for Crystal Reports 10 for DataFlex and were interested to read recently what PC Magazine’s contributing editor, Richard V. Dragan has to say about Crystal Reports 10? “Crystal Reports has long been synonymous with enterprise database reporting, and the new Crystal Reports 10 Advanced Developer remains true to that legacy. This package delivers an impressive array of reporting options as well as strong cross-platform abilities for both developers and server administrators. For developers, administrators, and, ultimately, end users, the latest Crystal Reports has a lot to offer.”

We’ll wait for news from Data Access and will let you know as soon as the connectivity has been released.

Special Offer on Microsoft Office courses until end May

We are able to offer places on the courses below at a discounted price of £99 per person per day during May subject to availability. This fee includes, course manual, lunch, refreshments throughout the day, certificate of attendance and free on-going post course support.

Excel2003Intermediate11th May
PowerPoint2003Fundamentals12th May
Word2000Intermediate17th May
Outlook2000Fundamentals19th May
Frontpage2003Specialised19th May
Excel2003Advanced25th May
Word2003Advanced27th May


Still no news on the release date for CrossMerge from Data Access although it is expected “any day soon”. For those anxious to get this latest release we suggest you check our website for an update on a daily basis! As soon as it is released we will post details on the site.